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06.07.2021 New instagram loсation in Saint-Petersburg
Instagram locations is the trend of the current time.
To attract the attention of guests and residents of St. Petersburg, beautiful and creative places are created in different parts of the city.
One of these corners was the courtyard of Krylov Lane 5B.
Previously, nothing particularly remarkable place began to play with new colors. The bright colors of fuchsia and aqua, played out in the new space, organically fit into the quiet St. Petersburg courtyard. The path to the courtyard is decorated with fresh petunia flowers and colored coated boards, on which everyone can leave a wish to each other. In the courtyard there is a cute retro car bathed in flowers. All this beauty was jointly organized by the IZZZI Hotel and the MEET restaurant, under the management of the Orange Group business directions.
Visit us, it will be-bright!