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11.11.2020 Orange Life! full speed ahead!
Our business unit "Orange Life!"  is still quite young, but already managed to declare itself! We presented our new project at the "Real Estate Fair" held in St. Petersburg from October 30 to November 1. This is the largest exhibition in Russia for those who want to buy a home, which means that our start-up was seen by representatives from all over the country! Visitors were offered free lectures, consultations of independent experts in the field of housing construction, meetings with developers and representatives of banks.
Our experts from "Orange Life!" spoke at the Investor School seminar "How to invest in real estate", showed a presentation, talked to potential investors and clients. According to the results of the exhibition, there are already more than 15 bookings!! All of this  just in a three days!
Congratulations to the "Orange Life!"  team with the successful start!